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In Search of the Big Bang's Energy

... were carried out. Up to that moment, the world was on the brink of a nuclear catastrophe. Our country, at least, was in danger of total democratization on radioactive ashes. Who knows what course the world history would have followed if in 1949 the USSR had not tested its atomic weapons? Nuclear physicists from abroad, risking their own lives, contributed to the creation of an atomic bomb in the USSR because they understood that world monopoly on atomic arms had to be avoided at all costs. The USSR ...

Modified: 25.10.2007
uranium , AECC , isotope , plant , chemical complex , uranium hexafluoride , USSR , nuclear weapons
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Star Reactors

... G. A. Gamow, a famous Russian-born physicist, also contributed to the knowledge of thermonuclear reactions. He received a fantastic offer from N. I. Bukharin, a member of the Soviet government, in 1932 after his presentation at the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences. G. A. Gamow recalled: “I was offered to have the total electric power of the Moscow region at my command for a few minutes once a week at the night time to obtain a nuclear reaction by letting the energy through a thick copper ...

Modified: 30.05.2005
plasma , thermonuclear fusion , thermonuclear reaction , USSR , thermonuclear power , tokamak
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Science and Siberia: from Peter the Great to the 21st century

... former prestige, and the scientific worker — his former worthy position fitting him in the social structure of society. Honoured man of science, Professor Victor Reverdatto, — one of the initiators of setting up the West-Siberian Branch of the USSR AS, organizer and first director of the Medical Biology Institute (1944—1952); was a prominent scientist and researcher working in flora studies, geobotanics, and study of herbs. V. V. Reverdatto made a big contribution to the study of flora, ...

Modified: 30.05.2004
Academy of Sciences , Siberia , USSR , science , history of science
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