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The Chukotka expedition of I. P. Tolmachoff: in search of the Northern Route

... processing the astronomical determinations of the expedition, and the famous hydrometeorologist L. F. Rudovitz was engaged in the meteorological determinations. By 1924, when this work had been almost completed, at the First Congress of Soviets of Yakutia, an idea of the scientific study of the territory of the Yakut Republic came up, which would improve its economy and culture of the peoples inhabiting it. It was the Secretary of this congress to whom Kozhevnikov filed an application to the effect ...

Modified: 01.09.2016
Nothern Sea Route , I.P. Tolmachoff , B.A. Vilkitsky , the Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition , the Chukot Expedition 1909—1910 , North Siberia coast , Yakutia , Polar Сommission of the Academy of Sciences
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Food without "Soul" Does Not Fill. Social and Ritual Aspects of Yakuts' Traditional Diet

... in the Archive of the Yakutsk Scientific Center. The monograph devoted to Yakuts’ traditional nutrition system was published thanks to the efforts of researchers from the Institute of Humanistic Studies, Academy of Sciences of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), who had done an immense preparatory work (the monograph’s editor is Doctor of History Ye. N. Romanova). We have already published the chapter concerned with dairy products, which are the most important part of Yakut traditional diet, well ...

Modified: 30.04.2010
Yakutia , Sakha , Yakuts' food , ethnography , traditional diet , sacrifice offering , taboo , rituals , magic , food bans , choron , kumis , kumis dishes
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The "Living" Silver of Olonho

... its many applications in industrial technologies, medicine, and jewelry. Silver consumption has been continuously increasing, and demand for it is higher than supply since most rich deposits have been depleted. A rare exception is silver deposits of Yakutia, which can boast of remarkable native silver bearing small resemblance to ordinary minerals. Geologists have always been searching for native silver - such finds are considered a great piece of luck. The matter is that silver nuggets are testimony ...

Modified: 30.12.2009
native silver , Institute of Diamond and Noble Metal Geology SB RAS , West-Verkhoyan region , Yakutia , ore shoots , Mangaseya silver deposit , freibergite , oxidized ores
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Keep Forever. The First Publication from A.P. Okladnikov's Personal Archives

... “metallic taste of the time” so clearly felt in the 1930s and 1940s. Materials from the scholar’s archives contain evidence to it. Here is a brief excerpt from the shorthand record of the meeting at which the first volume of Okladnikov’s History of Yakutia was discussed. The meeting was held on March 6, 1950 in Moscow, at the Department of History and Philosophy, USSR Academy of Sciences. A large share of Okladnikov’s archives is notes written on scraps of bills and receipts, between the lines ...

Modified: 30.10.2006
Aleksei Okladnikov , personal archive , archaeology , Yakutia
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Yoghurt a la Yakut

... on theoretical ethnography from the capital and started studying the subject right away. I began to study and collect materials on the ethnography and folklore of my people in 1934. To do that, as a teacher, I sometimes got into very remote places of Yakutia, traveling both at my own expense and on assignments of research institutes. Studying books allowed me not only to fill considerable gaps in my education but also to start in-depth studies of the ethnography of the Yakuts… I decided to devote ...

Modified: 30.01.2006
Yakutia , Yakuts , food , milk , koumiss , kumis , yogurt , Gerhard Friedrich Mueller
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