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The Ribosome: A Minifactory for Protein Production

... mystery of the origin of life itself... Proteins in all the living organisms from the simplest bacteria to humans are synthesized by the specialized cell devices — ribosomes . In these unique factories, the protein chain is formed of individual amino acids. Ribosomes are abundant in the cells that are involved in an intensive protein synthesis: for example, one bacterial cell contains about 10,000 minifactories, constituting up to 30 % of the cell dry weight! The cells of higher organisms contain ...

Modified: 30.12.2006
ribosome , nucleic acids , matrix , translation , amino acids , protein , biosynthesis , prokaryotes , eukaryotes
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Life Began with RNA

... synthesis of the corresponding protein. This RNA is transported from the cell nucleus to the cytoplasm to bind to specialized cell structures — ribosomes — molecular ‘plants’ for protein synthesis. The protein is synthesized from activated amino acids attached to specialized transfer RNA ( tRNA ); moreover, each amino acid is attached to its own specific tRNA. Thanks to tRNA, the amino acid is fixed in the catalytic center of the ribosome, where it is ‘stitched’ to the protein chain ...

Modified: 30.09.2004
nucleic acid , RNA , DNA , molecular biology , genetic information , life , evolution , amino acids , enzymes , biosynthesis , protein
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