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Dark Side of the Universe

... has yet been able to observe in experiment. This information would be particularly interesting not only for basic research but also for practical purposes, since it can be used to design a remote diagnostics system for nuclear reactors. IN SEARCH OF ANTIMATTER We know that, within distances of at least 30 million light years, the Universe around us is dominated by ordinary matter, which is composed of electrons, protons, and neutrons. However, we also know that there are antiparticles, i.e., positrons,...

Modified: 14.04.2015
dark matter , antimatter , neutrino , elementary particles detection , cosmology , IIn supernovae , modified gravitation model
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Chinese Key to Understanding Antimatter

... (by 7%) of neutrino particles than it was expected. The reason for this is the quantum transition (oscillation) of one type of neutrino to another. Such a large magnitude of the effect testifies to a possible difference in the properties of matter and antimatter; it may help to explain why there is almost no antimatter in the Universe. Such top-level results show that science in the People’s Republic of China has already passed the start-up period and is approaching the front line of science. ...

Modified: 14.08.2013
neutrino oscillation , antimatter , neutrino detector
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