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The Kashmir Diary

... the “Pazyryk trail” that led us to Kashmir. When studying cultures in the places of their autonomous existence, like in Altai, I always wonder: Is it really true that this world with its unique style, with its traditions and rituals, with its history,... .... Pozdnyakova, a researcher; L. P. Kundo, a restorer; and E. Yu. Pankeeva, an interpreter, all from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography (Novosibirsk); P. G. Dyad’kov and L. V. Tsibizov, researchers from the Institute of Petroleum ...

Modified: 28.02.2019
archaeology , Altai , Kashmir valley , Kushan period , ancient migration routes , ceramics
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Siberian Archaeologists Have Been Awarded the State Prize

... Vyacheslav Molodin and Doctor of History Natalya Polosmak, the State Prize of the Russian Federation for 2004 in Science and Technology for discovering and studying the unique complexes of the Pazyryk culture of the 4th-3d centuries BC in the Gorny Altai. As a result of several archaeological expeditions which took place in the remote districts of Gorny Altai in 1990—1995 the Siberian archaeologists made outstanding discoveries that have received wide publicity all over the world. They discovered ...

Modified: 30.05.2005
Asia , tattoo , archaeology , Altai
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