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“Athens on the Spree”: A Center for Art and Culture in Berlin

By far the largest cultural institution in Germany is the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, which comprises all the branches of cultural tradition, ranging from arts to literature and music. The responsibility for maintaining the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation rests both with the Federal Government and all sixteen federal states of Germany. In a new issue of SCIENCE First Hand, the President of the Foundation ...

Modified: 18.12.2015
Berlin , Museum Island , Europe , Germany , Prussia , Humboldt , art , culture , palace , collection , the library
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Museum Island and Humboldt-Forum#A New Centre for Art and Culture in Berlin

... Germany. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is the only cultural institution in Germany that is maintained by both the Federal Government and by all sixteen states despite the cultural sovereignty of the latter, which is due to the Foundation’s particular national importance. Today, we present a grand project aimed at reorganizing Berlin’s cultural and artistic centre. It includes the restoration and modernization of the famous Museum Island, whose architectural complex became a UNESCO World ...

Modified: 17.12.2015
museum , Museum Island , Berlin , Prussian Cultural Heritage , art , Humboldt-Forum
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