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Venus as possible future of the Earth

In April 2016, I gave a brief lecture course on geodynamics at Moscow State University. The final lecture was devoted to the evolution of the Earth and other planets of the Solar System. One of the audience asked if the Earth might one day have an atmosphere similar to the modern atmosphere of Venus, which is known to have a most peculiar—very hot (up to 450 °C) and dense—atmosphere composed mainly of CO 2 . My immediate response was: “Why not? There is a huge amount of carbonaceous rocks ...

Modified: 13.12.2016
Venus , Earth , planet evolution , life evolution , bacteria , climate , atmosphere , volcanism
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Baikal. Champagne. Kyoto...

... the global climate changes of the last decades, which have been such a troubling issue for mankind... Studies of the history and current state of the climate and biosphere touch inevitably upon the problem of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. In recent years, a large number of high rank economists and politicians have been engaged in the discussion of this topic. Why has СО 2 attracted so much attention? During the last decades, the average annual temperatures on the planet have ...

Modified: 30.05.2005
carbon dioxide , atmosphere , gas exchange , Baikal , greenhouse gases
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