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Bacteriophage, We See You!

A century has elapsed since Frederick William Twort, a British microbiologist, noticed transparent glass-like spots formed of dead bacterial cells in colonies of micrococci. For a long time after their discovery, the research into bacteriophages was of a phenomenological character because of the lack of adequate experimental tools. The scientists had no possibility for studying in detail the specific features of an antibacterial impact caused by bacteriophages since they are invisible not only to...

Modified: 15.03.2017
bacteriophages , bacteria viruses , morphology , electron microscopy , bacteriophage
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Bacteriophages – the enemies of our enemies

What is a bacteriophage? Most will say this is a drug doctors told them about. Some will reply that bacteriophages (or just phages) are tiny viruses invading bacteria, and biologists will tell a good many amazing stories about their discovery, the important role they have played in the development of science and the promise held by up-to-date technologies developed on the basis of these tiny viruses When these bacteria killers were discovered a hundred years ago, they immediately took center...

Modified: 14.03.2017
bacteriophage , bacteriophages , phage therapy , bacteria viruses , biosphere , synthetic biology
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