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Why Do Steppes Need Artesians?

What is an artesian? This is a small bitter–salty lake formed by overflow of an abandoned artesian well. Such lakes are spread over withered lands of virgin steppes. Four-legged and winged representatives of the unique steppe fauna, many of them under threat of extinction, find water, food, and shelter in these modern steppe oases. Monitoring of this stunning piece of wildlife in the Stepnoi State Nature Reserve (Astrakhan oblast) allowed Karina Karenina and Andrei Gilev, young St. Petersburg ethologists...

Modified: 04.09.2015
steppe , wildlife protection , biodiversity , saiga , antelope , endangered species , artesian
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A Seedbank in the Permafrost

... stored for decades. This method has significant advantages over the other approaches due to its simplicity and low labor input. Creating such a “genetic stock,” especially for the genes significant in breeding, is the most rational way to preserve biodiversity for practical purposes. Today many countries put a lot of effort into preserving the seeds of rare and agriculturally important species of cultivated and wild-growing flora: the total number of seedbanks approaches a thousand and a half. ...

Modified: 18.12.2012
seedbank , cryopreservation , biodiversity
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Laboratories of Nature

... this valuable product intravitally, without killing the animals, which is very important for preserving this species with its currently low natural population. Among the most important research areas of the Teletskoye biological station is the study of biodiversity and dynamics of natural communities in connection with the impact of natural and anthropogenic factors. This includes auditing and monitoring of the current population state of several terrestrial and aquatic species, indicators of the overall ...

Modified: 30.04.2010
biological center , research station , biodiversity , ecology , environmental activity , Western Siberia , Gorny Altai
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Wanderings under the Constellation of Scorpio

... appeared from the bushes and demanded to know if I was signaling across the border to Turkey. I had to demonstrate to them, under UV rays, the stone wall crawling with scorpions. The guards froze and had no more questions. Messengers of an alien world Biodiversity is a key word: using it, one can sometimes obtain a small grant. It is assumed that all living creatures must be protected since they all “benefit” their ecosystems. This refers to scorpions as well. Of course, not all creatures have ...

Modified: 30.10.2006
scorpions , feeding strategy , reproduction , poison , biodiversity
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Nucleotide Chronicles of Troubled Time

... Certainly, it is easier said than done, however, it is quite feasible. The phylogenetic approach to molecular evolution allows us to estimate the time of major evolutionary events and to approach the understanding of the reasons for the extraordinary biodiversity of all great ancient lakes Let us consider the ‘molecular clock’ hypothesis. If we admit that the frequency of gene mutations is constant for a long time, from the number of amino acid replacements in a protein molecule or the number ...

Modified: 30.05.2004
Lake Baikal , speciation , genes , genome , evolution , DNA , biodiversity
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