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The Ribosome: A Minifactory for Protein Production

... Recently, researchers from the Laboratory of Structure and Function of Ribosomes, Institute of Chemical Biology and Fundamental Medicine, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, discovered a new self-regulation mechanism involved in the biosynthesis of human ribosomal proteins which is based on the principle of feedback. An uncontrolled synthesis of ribosomal proteins, characteristic of tumor cells, most likely results from a failure of this particular mechanism. Further research in ...

Modified: 30.12.2006
ribosome , nucleic acids , matrix , translation , amino acids , protein , biosynthesis , prokaryotes , eukaryotes
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Evolution in a Tube

A long-standing dream of chemists and biologists is to learn how to create molecules with definite, prespecified properties that could form the core of molecular devices or new materials with a required biological activity. Until recently, the main approach to solving this problem was the so-called molecular design. Relying on theoretical considerations and experimentally obtained facts, chemists did their best to predict how a molecule should be arranged to possess the necessary properties. Then...

Modified: 30.03.2006
molecular selection , biomolecules , biosynthesis , nucleic acid , ribozymes , degeneration , therapy
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Life Began with RNA

... amino acid is fixed in the catalytic center of the ribosome, where it is ‘stitched’ to the protein chain synthesized. It is clear from this chain of events that RNA molecules play the key role in the decoding of the genetic information and in the biosynthesis of protein. As researchers delved more deeply into various biosynthetic processes, they frequently began discovering previously unknown RNA functions. For example, in addition to the process of transcription (RNA synthesis through copying ...

Modified: 30.09.2004
nucleic acid , RNA , DNA , molecular biology , genetic information , life , evolution , amino acids , enzymes , biosynthesis , protein
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