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Big CHALLENGES generate BIG people

... the “subsurface” oxygen. The periodic formation and consumption of the latter gives rise to the critical phenomena: hysteresis, auto-oscillations and chemical waves From: (Matveev, 2009) My team was mainly interested in energy conversion based on catalytic processes; at some point, an independent laboratory was set up to investigate the catalytic methods for solar energy conversion. It appeared with time that, apart from solar energy, nontraditional catalysis conceals other interesting things....

Modified: 27.10.2017
catalyst , photocatalysis , chemical engineering , catalytic process , hydrogen energy
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The Magic of Catalysis

... to work. At this point, we enter the interface between science and industry, which is now called chemical engineering , where the scientist starts thinking as an engineer and not only as a researcher. We are simultaneously involved in the study of catalytic processes and developing new catalysts, i. e. fundamental and applied studies. These directions were clearly set from the very beginning by Academician G. K. Boreskov, the first director of the Institute. Unfortunately, even in the Siberian ...

Modified: 24.12.2010
catalyst , photocatalysis , chemical engineering , catalytic process , hydrogen energy , biodegradable polymers
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