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An Iranian King in Service in Siberia

... bogatyr ancestor carved on its trunk. Up to 49 deer were sacrificed to it. The guardian of this place was the owner of the Sassanid dish. Supposedly, it was used both for kamlaniye in a “dark yurt” and for sacrificial offerings. During the ritual ceremony, the dish served as a vessel into which sacrificial bread, biscuits, and sweets were put. Having got to Siberia in the 9th c. at the earliest, as it was mentioned above, the dish found its place in the religious and ritual practices of the Ob Ugrics, which by that time could have incorporated beliefs about the celestial rider Mir-susne-khum, the younger ...

Modified: 30.08.2010
Siberia , Khanty , ceremony , sanctuary , bowl , silver , Sassanids
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