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The Ilimsk Crucifix

... time. The veil of mystery of the Ilimsk Crucifix was lifted a little when I took to research into the collection of under-cloth crosses from the Ilimsk burg. Naturally, I had to study everything that was written on the subject, in addition to the special literature. While reading the pre-Revolution literature, I couldn’t help thinking, that I may find something about the wooden crucifix. The thought sat deep and fitm inside me, for I was not even surprised when reading the monograph by N. V. Sultanov about the wooden architecture in Siberia, including Ilimsk, I bumped into the lines that excited me… There were four churches in Ilimsk, and Sultanov cites in ...

Modified: 30.03.2006
archaeological excavations , Siberia , Angara region , Ilim Ostrog , crucifix , cross
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