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A Seedbank in the Permafrost

A resolution has been adopted to create in Yakutsk the first stage of the Federal Seed Cryorepository for Cultivated, Rare, and Endangered Plant Species; it will be located in the layer of permafrost. This decision is grounded on the results of a long-term experiment started by Yakut researchers in 1977—1978, on the storage of plant seeds in an underground permafrost laboratory Both the species and genetic diversities of the flora and fauna of our planet are currently in jeopardy: the global...

Modified: 18.12.2012
seedbank , cryopreservation , biodiversity
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The Postgenomic Era. Cryoarchiving by the Example of Mustelids

... embryotechnological approach, e.g. cryobanking, for the preservation of endangered mustelid species. Initially this project involved polecats and, in part, stoats. The goal of the first stage was to demonstrate that the mustelid embryos could survive cryopreservation at the temperature of liquid nitrogen; it is noteworthy, that no positive result has been known in the world by the moment when this project started. Moreover, there had been no method applicable for freezing Carnivora embryos except ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
mustelids , ferrets , stoats , carnivores , reproductive technologies , cryobank , embryo freezing , embryo , cryopreservation , transplantation
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