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Ancient Buried Treasures of South Siberia

... Evil, personified by Ahriman. The semantic interpretation of the dagger also reveals similarities with Mithraism, a later Oriental religion widely spread in the Hellenic world in the last centuries B. C. The cult daggers of Siberia In the south of West Siberia, only three daggers similar to the Iyus one have been found. One of them, found by accident in the vicinity of the village of Kamenka, the Yenisey Province, is kept in the collection assembled by I. A. Lopatin in late 19th century. The second dagger was part of the Burbinsk cache found in 1958 and was handed over to the Tomsk Regional Studies Museum by R. A. Uraev. And the third, found by ...

Modified: 30.05.2006
treasures , Siberia , Khakasia , Iyus , Yenisey , dagger
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