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Chokhryn-oyka – “Dragonfly Old Man,” “Knife Old Man” – a forest doctor, official, lifeguard # Taiga sanctuaries of a Mansi deity

... all the spirits living on the earth paid tribute to the younger son of the supreme god Mir-susne-khum, and Chokhryn-oyka was the tribute collector. The legends written down by A. Kannisto tell us about another “administrative” function of the deity: the court hearing of guardian-spirits held once over a forest spirit that had stolen a dog from a Vogul authorized Chokhryn-oyka with passing the sentence ( ibid . p. 144). Among the Voguls, Chokhryn-oyka was a well-known healer: he “helped” ...

Modified: 16.12.2016
Mansi , ethnography , Siberia , deity , holy place
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