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From Olfaction in Fish to Regenerative Medicine

... exceptions, goes through the axon, which transmits information to another cell, not through the dendrite. It is true that some authors described elements of morphological change that appear to suggest the reorganization of the olfactory cells into the dendritic neurosecretion mode. The key elements of these reorganizations—bubbles with a light content in different quantities—were seen in the dendrites and receptor cell tops in many animals and even in humans. However, these studies revealed no substantial increase in the secretory function of the Golgi apparatus, which would be accompanied by substantial restructuring of the cell top. Therefore,...

Modified: 31.08.2016
olfaction , odor , chemoreceptors , receptor proteins , dendrite , neurosecretion , dendritic neurosecretion , yellowfin Baikal sculpin , fish , Baikal
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