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From Olfaction in Fish to Regenerative Medicine

... to which olfactory cells can express, at different stages in their development, not one but several genes that encode the odorant receptors (Mombaerts, 2004). It should be noted that olfactory cells with dendritic neurosecretion are morphologically ... ... researchers admit that, along with amino acids and monoamines, these substances include neuropeptides secreted by both the axons and dendrites of nerve cells (Leng and Ludwig, 2008). Neuropeptides may act not only in the synapse. Their half-life is rather ...

Modified: 31.08.2016
olfaction , odor , chemoreceptors , receptor proteins , dendrite , neurosecretion , dendritic neurosecretion , yellowfin Baikal sculpin , fish , Baikal
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