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A Town of Passionarians

... Yakutia in the middle of the twentieth century, only 4 percent were found suitable for industry-scale mining. In the late 1960s, the future Academician N. V. Sobolev proposed a method of using minor mineral inclusions as markers of the presence of diamonds: specific types of pyropes and chromites. Thanks to the development of a complex of prospecting methods for diamond deposits, the V. S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of the SB RAS booked over 145 million carat of prospective ...

Modified: 26.10.2017
SB RAS , Novosibirsk Akademgorodok , mantle plumes , subduction , kimberlites , diamonds , oil , gas
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Quest for the Triassic. Photo Essay

... heavy mineral concentrate samples from watercourses in drainage nets of the Lena and Olenek. The mineralogical group of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Novosibirsk, consisted of three people, and their task was testing sedimentary horizons for diamonds and kimberlite indicator minerals. The motorship Captain Gorovatskii was chartered for the trip along the Lena River, and studies of river tributaries were intended to be done by walking trips or with inflatable motor boats. Yakutsk–Tumul ...

Modified: 14.08.2013
Lena river , diamonds , pyrops , exploration , expedition , Triassic
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The Discovery of Zarnitsa: The Dawn of Siberian Diamonds

Although the first Russian diamonds were found as early as one and a half century ago, the history of the Russian diamond industry started in the mid-20th century with the discovery of rich primary kimberlite deposits in Yakutia. The first kimberlite pipe in Russia was discovered ...

Modified: 14.08.2013
kimberlites , diamonds , history of exploration , Amakinsky expedition , Sarsadskikh , Popugayeva
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Diamond Road Three Billion Years Long

Diamond is one of the most mysterious minerals on Earth. For many centuries it has been in the focus of attention as the most expensive, romantic and desired precious stone. According to ancient legends, diamonds are like people: they have a life of their own. Their origin and history had been a mystery for a long time. The analytical methods enabling to study the composition, structure and age of diamonds and of the micro mineral inclusions contained ...

Modified: 25.08.2007
diamonds , minerals , kimberlite pipe , indicator mineral , kimberlites
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Diamond Today and Tomorrow

... Comprehensive investigations of diamond growth, as well as the study of its real structure and properties made it possible to grow single crystals of diamond with a mass up to 6.0 carats, which is important for practical applications. Certainly, natural diamonds are extremely beautiful. Yet, there are no twins among these crystals, while today’s science and engineering need high-quality diamonds with certain prescribed properties which have to be the same in all crystals. Such diamonds can be grown ...

Modified: 25.08.2007
diamonds , diamond , crystals , carat , mineral
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Master SR

... and ceramics with the help of deep X-ray lithography, galvanics, etc. “Diamond” result When you are watching a Great Patriotic War newsreel, you do not know that one-fifth of the black smoke after a trotyl shell explosion consists of burning nanodiamonds. If explosions took place in vacuum, the diamonds formed would remain intact. Thus, where are diamonds formed at explosions of some explosives and what is the mechanism of their formation? This is a small share of questions raised by researchers ...

Modified: 25.04.2007
synchrotron radiation , SR , diamonds , explosives
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Saga about Unrealized Diamonds

We may often hear the words “Diamonds are girls’ best friends…” from a song sang by Marilyn Monroe long ago. And we imagine dazzling iridescent light sparks flashing on ideal faces of the stone set in noble metal… Dollars multiplied by carats. A mineralogist, however, who ...

Modified: 30.03.2006
diamond , diamonds , crystal growth , micromorphology , minerals , inclusions , dating
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