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The Story of a Shaman Drum

... Kondrat himself gave or sold (drank away, to be more exact) it to him I don’t know. Given the overall picture of those years, this act would not look too blasphemous. In the 1920s, shamanism in the Altai blossomed but when collectivization started, the Altai natives began to abandon their faith in great numbers. They stopped sacrificing domestic animals and hang their hides on poles (such a hide with a skull – taelga – is an impressive symbol of the old world in Alone ). Drums were handed in to village Soviets; some of them made it to museums while others were destroyed. THE SHAMAN’S “WINGED HORSE” HAS FOUND SHELTER The ethnographic collection of the Museum of History and Culture of the Peoples of Siberia and Russian ...

Modified: 30.08.2010
Altai , shamanism , drums , G.M. Kozintsev , L.Z. Trauberg , cinema , Alone
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