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4 E’s of Our Life. Comments to the monograph by Robert Nigmatulin

... international conferences. These essays are remarkable in that they raise the most pressing sociopolitical and science issues. The four phenomena mentioned in the headline—the key issues of our time—are discussed in the four chapters of the book, with economy and ethnos being discussed in most detail. Responding to Nigmatulin’s call that “scientists must analyze the concerns of their Fatherland, not only those associated with their narrow professional field,” I make brief comments on some (far ...

Modified: 17.12.2015
Nigmatullin , ecology , energy sector , economy , ethnos , climate , trends , Earth
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A Nomad in the Epoch of Globalization

... By the beginning of the 20th c., Mongol peoples lived within the territories of the three Socialist states — China, Mongolia and the Soviet Union. As a result of a drastic change in their politics, the Soviet Union and Mongolia switched to market economy whilst China carried out a number of radical reforms in economics without overthrowing the Socialist regime. In order to study the situation with modern Mongol nomads and to observe current transformation of nomadic communities, a few comprehensive ...

Modified: 25.04.2007
Mongolia , Inner Mongolia , Mongolia's population , economy , cattle , territory
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