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Bacteriophage, We See You!

... adequate experimental tools. The scientists had no possibility for studying in detail the specific features of an antibacterial impact caused by bacteriophages since they are invisible not only to the naked eye, but also to light microscopy. The advent of electron microscopy brought the study of viruses, including the viruses of bacteria, to a fundamentally new level Electron microscopy studies suggest that bacteriophages are actually nanoorganisms rather than microorganisms, since their size does ...

Modified: 15.03.2017
bacteriophages , bacteria viruses , morphology , electron microscopy , bacteriophage
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Influenza Virus: Intimate Life Details

... possibility to observe and study the world of all kinds of microorganisms was bestowed by the invention of microscope, which was a revolutionary event immeasurably expanding the boundaries of the living world. The technological advance and advent of electron microscopy in the mid-20th century opened the door to observation and study of the smallest and most amazing organisms, viruses. Our "hero" is the influenza virus, killing annually up to half million people worldwide. Having entered ...

Modified: 30.12.2009
influenza virus , electron microscopy , antivirals , virus replication , hemagglutinin , neuraminidase , viral genome , budding of influenza virus , vRNA , replication
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