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A Journey across Siberia. Turks of the Krasnoyarsk Uyezd and Their Shamans

... the studies conducted within the framework of the Great Northern (Second Kamchatka) Expedition in 1733–1743... Johann Georg Gmelin was born in 1709 in Tubingen, Germany... ... the Great Northern (Second Kamchatka) Expedition in 1733–1743. After the trip to Siberia Gmelin returned to Tubingen, where he was a university professor of botany and... ... Gmelin believed that shamanism was a kind of good business and spoke of shamans as of sorcerers. The observant scholar described the process of a shaman talking to the spirits...

Modified: 25.12.2007
Second Kamchatka expedition , Gmelin , expedition , Siberia , sorcerer , sorceress , tambourine , Tatars
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