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Siberian Old Believers: History in Costume

... traditional costume whose every detail has been sifted through the ages. Simple or intricate, folk costume is the essence of both material and spiritual life of many generations... ... exhibits is collections made in compact communities of indigenous nationalities and Russian settlers on the initiative of Academician A. P. Okladnikov in the 1960s-1980s... ... Dvoyedany , Kurgany ), and old settlers ( Kerzhaki , Poliaki , Semeiskiye ). The Altai “Poles” (Poliaki) were descendants of Russian Old Believers who, in the late...

Modified: 30.08.2009
Altai , Zabaikalie (Trans-Baikal region) , Siberian old believers , Russian settlers , Poliaki , Semeiskiye , ethnic costume , folk costume , pinafore dress
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