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The Postgenomic Era, or Why We Need 300,000 Mice Strains

... tetracycline switch Solution of several problems requires that a particular gene be not only switched off, but its expression be changed at a strictly specified time. Here, we purposefully omit the most interesting results obtained by the technology of gene expression inhibition using the so-called antisense or small interfering RNA (siRNA), as it is a separate important topic. The main attention will be focused on transgenic animals, which, thanks to the skill of genetic engineers, display hereditary ...

Modified: 30.08.2008
genotype , genetically engineered mice , transgenic mice , knockout genes , knockout mice , gene expression , GFP , point mutations , genetic lines , embryo , cryobank , cryoarchive , SPF-animals , SPF-vivarium , Institute of Cytology and Genetics SB RAS
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Biochips: Diagnosis Is a Matter of Technique!

... Application of the well-optimized methods of electronic industry have led to impressive results: one chip of the size of only several microns can contain millions of various spots (the regions containing the same molecular probes) The diversity observable in gene expression profiles is in the focus of researchers’ attention due to their biological and clinical importance. From this standpoint, microchip technologies have appeared very useful in studying such an intricate disease as cancer. This technology ...

Modified: 25.10.2007
biochips , microchips , DNA , RNA , nucleic acids , genes , gene expression , diagnosis
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