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Nauchka: The Anguish and Joy of Scientists' Work: 02. Genetics

Nauchka: The Anguish and Joy of Scientists' Work: 02. Genetics Научка Да

Modified: 10.10.2014
Nauchka , genetics , video
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Cats and Genes: 30 Years Later

... article, biologist Pavel Borodin, he was all the time swinging to and fro. One of such "swings" was his interest in cats. He would not say that he is a cat fancier… However, he dedicated a fair part of his spare time to them, because their genetics turned out to be extremely interesting. Indeed, it is also much more fascinating to get acquainted with the science of heredity dealing with such a charming object rather than with the classic Drosophila fly. What has happened in the genetics ...

Modified: 30.12.2009
evolution , chromosomes , meiosis , recombination , genetics
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"Russian Trail" in the Discovery of DNA Structure

... He formulated basic statements of the theory of heredity. The diligent ‘naturalist’ could not imagine that several kilos of pea seeds would contribute to a new science, eventually forming the foundations of modern biology. Further development of genetics (from Latin geneo ) — this name the new discipline got in 1906 — consisted, by and large, in checking the applicability of Mendelian laws to various kinds of organisms. Studying exceptions to the rules led to a wider understanding of heredity....

Modified: 30.09.2004
DNA , genetics , heredity , Nobel Prize in biology and medicine
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