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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Farman Salmanov: Let Love for Our Common Homeland, Russia, Unite Us

... preserved, and the settlement was riotous with flowers. The locals joked: “Don’t you dare to pick a flower. You’ll have to deal with Salmanov himself!” “Presentation of F. Salmanov’s thesis took place on January 8, 1968 [at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Siberian Branch of USSR Academy of Sciences]. A. Trofimuk and I were opponents. F. Salmanov — a discoverer of large oil in West Siberia, a talented geologist, a legendary person already at that time, and the Hero of Socialist Labor — was wearing the ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Farman Salmanov , oil , gas , field , geology , Siberia , expedition
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Confession of Prospecting Geologist

... Professor Kontorovich devotes much of his activities to the training of future scientists for geology. Was the scientific advisor of over seventy candidates and over twenty doctors of science. So, it was the latest 1950s when I concerned myself with the geology of West Siberia and problems of oil geochemistry and origin of hydrocarbons. My sphere naturally grew ever broader because geology, and petroleum geology in particular, is a very ample and versatile field of activity that combines pure science and practical issues....

Modified: 30.05.2005
oil , geology , oil field , gas , Siberia , Kontorovich , geological prospecting
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