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Journey to the Invisible World

... Physical-Chemical, Geological, Paleontological, and Biological Problems”, a scientific expedition to the Kronotsky national reserve was organized (Repin et al., 2007). During the expedition, over 200 samples of water, clay, mud, and soil from the geysers, hot springs, mud volcanoes, and mud baths were taken and sent to Novosibirsk. In addition, the “microbe hunters” paid two visits by helicopter to Uzon caldera, which is home to unique microorganisms. The timing of the expedition was perfect: the following year a powerful mud stream going along the Vodopadnaya River bed changed the look of the Geyser Valley beyond recognition. The geysers “Sugary” (“Sakharny”), “Neighbor” ...

Modified: 25.08.2007
microorganisms , geysers , hot springs , bacteria , genome , evolution , origin of life
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