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Oil and Gas of the Russian Arctic: History of Development in the 20th Century, Resources, and Strategy for the 21st Century

... of the Soviet Union. Here we can mention N. A. Gedroits, T. K. Emelyantsev, A. Ya. Krems, N. N. Rostovtsev, G. E. Ryabukhin, V. N. Saks, I. N. Strizhov, N. N. Tikhonovich, and other outstanding researchers. Development of oil and gas resources: history and main lessons THE FIRST OIL FROM THE NORTH Exploration of oil fields in the Ukhta region of Pechora krai began in the early 1910s. In 1915, the Russian partnership Neft (Oil) drilled the first exploration and production well, which struck ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
Arctic shelf , oil , gas , history , prognosis
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