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Food without "Soul" Does Not Fill. Social and Ritual Aspects of Yakuts' Traditional Diet

... into richly ornamented chorons, with tufts of white hair from the horse’s mane tied to the vessel legs. After reciting a prayer for granting people happiness, cattle, and children, innocent young men and girls would pour, three times and from three chorons, kumis and butter into the fire. Besides, the white shaman, the good spirits’ favorite, or a person replacing him would sprinkle kumis, out of a special spoon, onto the horse consecrated to the Upper World spirits and onto the ground covered with green ...

Modified: 30.04.2010
Yakutia , Sakha , Yakuts' food , ethnography , traditional diet , sacrifice offering , taboo , rituals , magic , food bans , choron , kumis , kumis dishes
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