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Yoghurt a la Yakut

... …Siberian peoples only drink boiled milk. They cannot consume unboiled milk — people start vomiting and get an upset stomach. …The Tartars, Mongols, Kalmyks, Nerchinsk Tungusses, Buryats, and Yakuts make a heady drink from mare’s milk and call it Kumiss in Tartar or Kmyss in Yakut. Fresh mare’s milk, immediately after one milked the mare, is poured into a special leather vessel with convex walls and a narrow neck; some warm water and ferment from old koumiss are added; then the mixture is repeatedly stirred with a wooden shovel until fermentation starts. The substance coming to the surface as a result of diligent stirring is skimmed off and is used for food instead of butter. Milk itself, after one ...

Modified: 30.01.2006
Yakutia , Yakuts , food , milk , koumiss , kumis , yogurt , Gerhard Friedrich Mueller
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