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Food without "Soul" Does Not Fill. Social and Ritual Aspects of Yakuts' Traditional Diet

... heal. And the taboo on the upper part of hind legs was attributed to the belief that the children may grow up lascivious. SOME RITUALS OF SACRIFICING FOOD STUFFS, CONNECTED WITH THE CULT OF GODS AND SPIRITS  On the day a rich fiancée came to her husband’s ... ... install on a table opposite the fire-place a cooked horse’s head with blood sausages put on it. As the prayers were recited, kumis and butter was poured onto the fire or fat bits of meat were put on coals with a spoon, in three places. The cooked blood ...

Modified: 30.04.2010
Yakutia , Sakha , Yakuts' food , ethnography , traditional diet , sacrifice offering , taboo , rituals , magic , food bans , choron , kumis , kumis dishes
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