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A Town of Passionarians

Almost a century ago, in the 1920-30s, a special commission of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the organization of regional affiliates denied the request of local governments in Siberia and the Far East of the country to create local affiliate divisions. The stated reason was that it was impossible “to deploy Academicians to the specified cities without the destruction of the Academy of Sciences as such, and selecting new Academicians, forcing them to live and work in a specified city, is impossible...

Modified: 26.10.2017
SB RAS , Novosibirsk Akademgorodok , mantle plumes , subduction , kimberlites , diamonds , oil , gas
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Deep Geodynamics, or How the Earth’s Mantle Works

... (compared with mid-oceanic-ridge basalts) were enriched with many trace elements. The defenders of this theory believed that the magmatic rocks generated by hot spots were related to “spots” of the warmed up asthenosphere which were immobile and fed on mantle plumes – flows rising from the lower mantle depth, most likely from the core – mantle boundary (CMB). The hot spot hypothesis suggested the existence of narrow (about 150 km in diameter) mantle flows (or columns) which penetrate all mantle ...

Modified: 18.12.2012
deep geodynamics , mantle plumes , supercontinents , hot mantle field , paleoreconstruction , magmatism , the Siberian continent , Iceland hotspot
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