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Journey to the Invisible World

... of water found on a planet is taken as an indisputable proof that there is life there. As the living classic said, “Where there is life, there are microbes” (Woese, 1994). Then what is unique about these tiny organisms from the point of view of evolution, apart from the small size? Terrestrial extraterrestrials What distinguishes microorganisms from all other living beings on Earth is their potential immortality. Microorganisms reproduce through binary fission, that is, divide in two, which means that they have no predecessors, no dead ancestors. The genome of living bacteria ...

Modified: 25.08.2007
microorganisms , geysers , hot springs , bacteria , genome , evolution , origin of life
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Microbes: Keeping it Going

... of analysis of large systems, on a top-down basis, from particular to general, which is exactly how we will try to treat the evolution of microbial communities. SHORTLY AFTER LIFE SPRANG TO LIFE First of all, Earth’s early biosphere was created by bacteria ... ... free-living organisms are fueled by redox reactions. The most primitive microbial community is the one of hydrogenotrophic microorganisms . The reducing agent they use is hydrogen, which is produced by water reacting with overheated rock, that is at ...

Modified: 30.05.2004
organisms , evolution , microorganisms , bacteria , life
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