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The Denisovan comes back

... studied at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig: some teeth and a bone fragment. But a complete skeleton is an archaeologist’s fondest, albeit specific, dream.” No complete skeleton of a fossil man has been discovered on Altai so far, and yet the reality has exceeded our grandest expectations. Owing to the multidisciplinary approach and international cooperation Siberian archaeology today is at the forefront of global science. Firstly, the results of the decoding of the mitochondrial DNA extracted from the bone remains discovered in the Okladnikov and Denisova caves, conducted by S. Pääbo and his colleagues, became part of the evidence that “rehabilitated” Neanderthals, previously crossed out of the humankind’s ...

Modified: 27.06.2018
Altai , hominines , Neanderthal , Denisovan , mitochondrial DNA , primitive man , Denisova Cave
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