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Bacteriophage, We See You!

... efficiency of elaborated phage therapies satisfactorily. Bacteriophages are undoubtedly a unique phenomenon on the planet: on the one hand, they have a rather simple structure; on the other hand, they are tremendously diverse both in terms of their morphology and potential “victims.” These nanoorganisms are not just safe for us – they are “friendly” because they can kill pathogenic bacterial cells without affecting any cells of higher organisms, including the cells of humans, agricultural ...

Modified: 15.03.2017
bacteriophages , bacteria viruses , morphology , electron microscopy , bacteriophage
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Diatoms: Creators of Glass Castles

... of knowledge. This happy combination of a cell wall that can be preserved after chemical cleaning of organic material and a seemingly endless, species-specific diversity has resulted in a biological classification based for 200 years on the cell wall morphology. Perhaps we have been too much preoccupied with the cell walls themselves as a result because the physiology, biochemistry and life cycles of the species vary too and it is now becoming clear that they do so to a much greater degree than has ...

Modified: 30.08.2006
diatoms , silicon , photosynthesis , morphology , cell structure
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