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Saved by the Cell: How Cells Repair DNA

... other is a “team of swift response”. It enters the scene when the enzyme RNA polymerase (also, together with its accessory proteins — it is impossible to accomplish anything worthy alone, is it not?) begins to compose on the DNA strand another nucleic acid, the so-called messenger RNA, which serves as the instruction for synthesis of a needed protein**. If there is a bulky lesion in DNA not allowing RNA polymerase to decode information and to write it in the instruction, the process stops: ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
DNA , proteins , repair , DNA damage , cell , repair enzymes , enzymes , nucleic acid
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Evolution in a Tube

... and characterize them — unless there is a possibility to amplify the detected molecules after their isolation. This is why chemists are so envious of molecular biologists, who know how to unrestrictedly amplify the molecules from their libraries of nucleic acids with the help of a marvelous technique — the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The essence of the method The PCR, a method discovered in 1985 and allowing the nucleic acids, DNA and RNA, to be amplified in unlimited amounts, formed the ...

Modified: 30.03.2006
molecular selection , biomolecules , biosynthesis , nucleic acid , ribozymes , degeneration , therapy
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Life Began with RNA

... life. Once in ancient times, on the just cooled Earth, there arose and existed a mysterious ‘RNA world’… Before embarking on our journey to the ‘beginning of the beginning’, let us stock up with necessary knowledge about the structure of nucleic acids — DNA (deoxyribonucleic) and RNA (ribonucleic). In its chemical structure, RNA is a twin, although not an identical twin, of DNA, the major repository of genetic information in a living cell. Nucleic acids are polymeric macromolecules ...

Modified: 30.09.2004
nucleic acid , RNA , DNA , molecular biology , genetic information , life , evolution , amino acids , enzymes , biosynthesis , protein
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Searches for a Periodic System... in Evolution

For more than 100 years since the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws, biology has sought to become an exact science like chemistry and physics, but it is still too specific and detailed. Researchers, however, have continued efforts to systematize and formalize our knowledge of biological processes and mechanisms in searches for a peculiar periodic system in biology. This is true to an even greater extent for research into the evolution of biological systems, recalling Dobzhansky’s idea that any problem...

Modified: 30.09.2004
evolution , population genetics , nucleic acid
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