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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Academician Trofimuk: Siberia Floats on Oil

... conclusion; he asserted that “we shall find the planet’s oldest oil in East Siberia”. This statement of the eminent scientist had a wide response and determined, to a large extent, the further strategy of oil-and gas-prospecting works in East Siberia. Oil in that region did not “come easy”. Although the first oil was hit by V. Sinyukov in 1939, subsequent search for oil fields was not successful. In West Siberia, on the contrary, the first oil gusher spouted as late as in 1960, but the next year ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Trofimuk , oil , gas , oil and gas production , Siberia , East Siberia
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Oil: Heroes of Our Past... and Present. Farman Salmanov: Let Love for Our Common Homeland, Russia, Unite Us

... war between Russia and Japan, got several awards, and was released ahead of time. He returned home with a wife, a Siberian girl whose name was Olga. Farman Kurban-ogly SALMANOV made a great contribution to the discovery and development of the West-Siberian oil-and-gas province. He was a bright and versatile personality combining the talents of a geologist, builder, scientist, and organizer of geological prospecting works. Neither Russian nor world history knows any other geologist whose participation in ...

Modified: 25.06.2007
Farman Salmanov , oil , gas , field , geology , Siberia , expedition
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Confession of Prospecting Geologist

... sedimentary source rocks rather than oil in terms of refining. The theory of petroleum prediction and exploration in Siberia makes another major group of issues I’ve long worked on. Note that hydrocarbons in West and East Siberia show a great age contrast. Oil in West Siberia is relatively young (70-80 Myr old) and that in East Siberia, between the Yenisei and the Lena, is as old as 1.4 Byr, i. e., we discovered the Earth’s oldest oil there. Thus age is an essential factor in the theory and methods of prediction ...

Modified: 30.05.2005
oil , geology , oil field , gas , Siberia , Kontorovich , geological prospecting
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