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Journey to the Invisible World

It is in human nature to look for the origin of everything around us. In order to look in the source of life, we should find our elementary forebears that gave life to all living beings on Earth. Our task can be made easier if we assume that life has originated from hypothetical extraterrestrials or by God’s will. These assumptions are well-grounded; investigations and findings of the last few years have provided documentary evidence that there are structures similar to biological in meteorites....

Modified: 25.08.2007
microorganisms , geysers , hot springs , bacteria , genome , evolution , origin of life
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From the Cambrian to the Creation

... up points that require further work. The cited absolute ages just allow an idea of the time and scale of events in the history of life and of the Earth itself. Recent discoveries based on the multidisciplinary approach and advanced methods move the origin of life progressively farther back into the past, the life on the Earth, the planet that witnessed the weighty walk of dinosaurs as well as the light rustle of worm-like sabelleditids … The finds of so old but rather advanced fossil organisms ...

Modified: 30.01.2005
fossils , Earth's age , billions of years , origin of life
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