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Daughter of a Denisovan Father and a Neanderthal Mother, or Modern Humans as Product of Ancient Hybridization

... fossil-bone fragment discovered in 2014 belongs to a first-generation offspring of two different representatives of the genus Homo—Denisovans and Neanderthals. This discovery was first announced at the International Symposium “The Origins of the Upper Paleolithic in Eurasia and the Evolution of the Genus Homo,” held in July 2018 at the Denisova Cave Research Center of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SB RAS (Novosibirsk), literally as close as a hundred meters to the discovery site. On ...

Modified: 26.08.2018
paleogenetics , hominid , Neanderthal , Denisovan , primitive man , Denisova Cave , paleolith , anthropogenesis , human evolution , Ancient Hybridization
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The Denisova cave – everything changes, but nothing disappears

The Denisova Cave in the Mountainous Altai (Gorny Altai) – a unique Paleolithic monument and the most ancient inhabited cave of Siberia – has enjoyed well-deserved popularity for quite some time. The stream of inquisitive people never dries up: local residents, tourists, reporters, not to mention archaeologists and ...

Modified: 20.06.2018
pleistocene , paleolith , paleogeography , paleontology , paleoecology
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Mankind's Genealogy: Theory and Facts

... more advanced technology, the so-called Acheulean industry. The new migrants from Africa basically followed the routes of their predecessors but, unlike them, they did not penetrate to the east of Mongolia and India. Artifacts discovered at hundreds of Paleolithic sites in China testify that this area had its own tool-making industry. During the million years since the first migrations, hominins developed there continuously, without any critical changes or influences. The natural result of this development ...

Modified: 24.12.2010
paleolith , anthropogenesis , hominids , paleogeography , lithic industry , Homo sapiens , Homo sapiens altaiensis
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