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Phagebiotics for a Healthy Life

.... 237—238, 240—233. Sulakvelidze, A. Challenges of bacteriophage therapy. Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology // N. Hodges and G. Hanlon. Passfield, England, Euromed Communications, Ltd. 2012. S13.11—S13.20. Sulakvelidze, A., E. Kutter. Bacteriophage therapy in humans. Bacteriophages // Biology and Application. E. Kutter, A. Sulakvelidze. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press. 2005. P. 381—436. Woolston, J., A. Sulakvelidze. Bacteriophages and food safety eLS. Chichester, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 2015. Zhukov-Verezhnikov, ...

Modified: 11.04.2017
bacteriophages , phage therapy , probiotics , phagebiotic , phage-based preparations , phage biocontrol , bacteriophage
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Phages Attack # A History of Bacteriophage Production and Therapeutic Use in Russia

... results showed the great importance of the prevention of purulent complications in wounds through the use of bacteriophages, which were not only completely harmless but also widely available, inexpensive and easy-to-manufacture therapeutic agents. Bacteriophages in the Battle of Stalingrad The further history of phage therapy is associated with the tragic events of World War II in 1941–1945. In those years, with a total lack of antibacterial drugs (at the beginning of the war, the Soviet Union did not have a technology to produce penicillin), it was decided ...

Modified: 15.03.2017
phage therapy , choleraic bacteriophage , treat for injuries , battle of Stalingrad , Research and Production Association ‘‘Microgen’’ , bacteriophages , bacteriophage
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Bacteriophages: 100 years in the service of mankind

... sequencing method of the same name Genetic modifications serve to change the phage specificity and increase the efficacy of phage therapy. To achieve this, the most aggressive phages are fitted with recognition structures binding them with the target ... ... metabolism – ​such phages are more deadly for bacteria. Bacteria have several mechanisms protecting them from antibiotics and bacteriophages; one such mechanism is the destruction of virus genomes by restriction enzymes targeting specific nucleotide ...

Modified: 15.03.2017
bacteriophage , phage therapy , enzymes , phage display , nano materials , bacteriophages
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Truth about Phage Therapy or a Memo to Physicians and Patients

... applied in medicine, our knowledge about the diversity of these viruses, about mechanisms of their interaction with bacteria, and about competition with their cognates is still insufficient to use their full therapeutic potential. Safe and Efficient Phage therapy emerged almost immediately after bacteriophages were discovered; however, expanded trials of these antibacterial tools were launched in the Soviet Union only in the late 1930s. The trials proved the efficiency of bacteriophages as preventive measures against dysentery and cholera epidemics,...

Modified: 15.03.2017
bacteriophages , phage therapy , phage-based preparation , bacteriophage
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Phages in Your Garden # Problems and prospects of bacteriophage applications in horticulture

... encapsulated products provides protection against pathogens in the early stages of plant development. To implement phage control of plant diseases in modern agriculture, it is very important to have a clear understanding in what agronomic situations bacteriophages are the most effective. Phage therapy is most successful in closed biological systems with controllable physical conditions. It is almost impossible to achieve these ideal conditions on large agricultural fields; however, this does not mean that phage products cannot be effective ...

Modified: 15.03.2017
diseases of agricultural plant , bacteriophage , phage therapy , protein engineering , enzymology , molecular diagnostics , bacteriophages
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Bacteriophages – the enemies of our enemies

... area, both at present and in the future, derives from the phages’ main property – ​their ability to destroy bacteria. Bacteriophages are used as disinfectants in the various sectors of agriculture, veterinary medicine and food industry – ​everywhere ... ... have speeded up research aimed at developing new medical technologies for treating and preventing infections, which should make phage therapy a vital ingredient of the personalized medicine of the 21st century. пусто

Modified: 14.03.2017
bacteriophage , bacteriophages , phage therapy , bacteria viruses , biosphere , synthetic biology
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