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Phagebiotics for a Healthy Life

... their protective effects. Also, they are expected to be compatible – ​and, in fact, synergistic – ​with bacteria-based probiotics. Thus, the phage-based probiotic approach may serve as a platform technology for developing a new class of “phagebiotics” or “super-probiotics” for improving human health. The therapeutic use of phages declined after antibiotics became widely available in the 1940s and 50s, and eventually all but stopped in the West. On the other hand, phage therapy continued to be utilized in the former Soviet Union (FSU) and Eastern Europe (EE) – and, on a much smaller scale, in France, Switzerland and Egypt (Sulakvelidze and Kutter 2005). Several hundred publications reporting various therapeutic ...

Modified: 11.04.2017
bacteriophages , phage therapy , probiotics , phagebiotic , phage-based preparations , phage biocontrol , bacteriophage
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