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Phagebiotics for a Healthy Life

... specialized medical personnel caring for local patients or patients willing to travel to those institutions. The number and/or size of those reference centers could be increased as the required technology and well-trained personnel become available, and phage therapy (including the “personalized medicine” or “pharmacy approach”) could be eventually implemented in many other modern hospitals and clinical centers. Phages as probiotics Arguably, one of the most intriguing potential applications of bacteriophages is to use them as probiotics; i. e., to fine-tune GI tract microflora and/or other human microbiomes (e. g., the vagina, oral cavity, and skin. A very large ...

Modified: 11.04.2017
bacteriophages , phage therapy , probiotics , phagebiotic , phage-based preparations , phage biocontrol , bacteriophage
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