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Oil and Gas of the Russian Arctic: History of Development in the 20th Century, Resources, and Strategy for the 21st Century

... sector of the Arctic, the author means the Arctic regions of Russia and the waters of the Arctic Ocean under the jurisdiction of Russia In the years before World War II and during the war, Soviet geologists contributed greatly to the development and prognosis of oil and gas resources in the Arctic territories of the Soviet Union. Here we can mention N. A. Gedroits, T. K. Emelyantsev, A. Ya. Krems, N. N. Rostovtsev, G. E. Ryabukhin, V. N. Saks, I. N. Strizhov, N. N. Tikhonovich, and other outstanding ...

Modified: 30.08.2015
Arctic shelf , oil , gas , history , prognosis
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Diamond Deposits for Russia

... Mineralogy of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGM SB RAS). This has become possible thanks to the Institute’s long and successful experience in the development and practical application of reliable methods for diamond deposit prognosis and prospecting Studies of diamond deposits on the Siberian platform were initiated by the distinguished petrologist and mineralogist V. S. Sobolev, Academician and author of the famous prognosis on the discovery of diamonds in Yakutia. Having ...

Modified: 24.12.2010
diamond , raw materials base , resources , prognosis , Siberian platform
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