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To Help a Structural Biologist

... analysis has come to stay in the life of biologists since the mid- 20th century. It was at that time when John Kendrew from the famous Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge succeeded, after many years of work, in determining the structure of a protein, which was sperm whale myoglobin, assisting the whale to store oxygen in its muscles when diving. Max Perutz, a colleague of Kendrew who later shared a Nobel Prize with him, at the same time determined the structure of the protein hemoglobin, ...

Modified: 14.08.2013
X-ray structure analysis , protein
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The Ribosome: A Minifactory for Protein Production

Synthesis of proteins, the most important structural and functional “bricks” of any organism, is perhaps among the most intricate processes occurring in living beings. A genuine understanding of the molecular processes underlying protein synthesis could shed light ...

Modified: 30.12.2006
ribosome , nucleic acids , matrix , translation , amino acids , protein , biosynthesis , prokaryotes , eukaryotes
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Mini Nano-Engineers

... appropriate equipment to make various structures in a building, but also a coordinated supply of raw materials to meet the needs at different stages of building construction. This not simple process in diatoms is provided by special cellular transport proteins. Silicic acid and silicate refer to the soluble forms of silicon, Si(OH) 4 and SiO(OH) 3 - respectively. Polymerized silicon is called silica, which itself can exist in different structural forms At 97%, silicic acid is the dominant form of ...

Modified: 30.08.2006
diatoms , silicon , silicate , cell division , frustule , protein
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Life Began with RNA

Why does a paper about RNA, not other, more well-known organic molecules such as DNA or proteins appear in the cycle of articles on the origin of life? Perhaps our readers have heard about RNA, but what? Most likely, nothing noteworthy for the simple reason that so far only experts in biology know that RNA consists of ‘magic’molecules ...

Modified: 30.09.2004
nucleic acid , RNA , DNA , molecular biology , genetic information , life , evolution , amino acids , enzymes , biosynthesis , protein
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