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Let Him Be Gray-Headed!#Childhood in the modern culture of Chinese Tuvinians

... the material costs necessary to organize the feast, the baby’s parents ask the mother’s uncle to cut strands of hair, which implies that the hair cutting ritual has been performed according to national tradition. Summing up, we can state that the traditional rituals of the children’s cycle of the Chinese Tuvinians have not undergone any radical changes in the modern context: their ritual culture is alive and well. An important role in the structure of the performed rituals of the children’s cycle belongs to various cultural codes that implement the main idea of the rituals: modeling a child’s walk in life and good fortune. It should be noted, at the same time, that the original culture of the Chinese Tuvinians ...

Modified: 17.12.2015
Chinese Tuvinians , Tuvinians , childhood , traditional rituals , rituals , verbal component , tradition
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