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The Life of a Chemist

This article is dedicated to a great Russian scientist, an outstanding chemist Vladimir Nikolaevich Ipatieff, the founder of the science and practice of heterogeneous catalysis at high temperatures and pressures, whose 150th birthday anniversary was celebrated on November 21, 2017. It was about him that Richard Willstätter, winner of the 1915 Nobel Prize in chemistry, said in ...

Modified: 15.05.2018
V. N. Ipatieff , catalysis , science , fortune , heterogeneous catalysis , chemical industry , cracking , petrochemical synthesis , hydrocarbon dehydrogenation , chemistry
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Nullius in Verba, or is Yoga Useful # and on the Periodic System of the Elements, Quackery and the Evading Research Object

... information can be a challenge unless you are an expert in the specific field; however, anyone who has basic knowledge of the subject can assess the tools that the scientists used and the proof they collected, and use it to draw simple logical conclusions Science is a powerful thing. But what does science mean? As a rule, we use the concept of science intuitively, mixing it into our speech whenever it feels handy. However, each word has a dictionary definition. Let’s look it up in the dictionary. The ...

Modified: 10.05.2018
Yoga , telomeres , aging , science , scientific instrument
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Science and Society from Physicists' Viewpoint

... centenary of the first publication on the probability theory by Albert Einstein. Numerous scientific conferences, exhibitions, lectures, readings and workshops were held during the Year of Physics to attract the attention of the public to physics and science in general. It’s not a secret that the current attitude to science differs much from the profound reverence characteristic of the mid-20th century. The then impressive scientific achievements have become an everyday issue: technological novelties ...

Modified: 30.05.2006
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS , science , physics , roundtable , Nickolay Dikansky , Vasily Parkhomchuk , Eduard Kruglyakov , Anton Nikolenko , society
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Science and Siberia: from Peter the Great to the 21st century

Fundamental science is not at all an expensive decoration; rather it is an important constituent of the national security, of the nation’s independence To the 280th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Sciences. To the 60th anniversary of the West-Siberian Branch ...

Modified: 30.05.2004
Academy of Sciences , Siberia , USSR , science , history of science
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