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A Journey across Siberia. Turks of the Krasnoyarsk Uyezd and Their Shamans

... a marvelous performance at night. Here I wish to emphasize that one should not fear the terrible words ‘sorcerer’ and ‘sorceress’. My long experience of dealing with these people has convinced me that they have no evil intentions. Moreover, they ... ... people, he is extremely unskillful. Thus, they have nothing to do with the witchcraft, at the same time they are considered as Siberian sorcerers, i.e., they use the superstitions of the rabble to ensure their well-to-do existence. One can reproach me for resuming ...

Modified: 25.12.2007
Second Kamchatka expedition , Gmelin , expedition , Siberia , sorcerer , sorceress , tambourine , Tatars
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