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Ancient Fashion: Leggings from Steppe Leader’s Wardrobe

... archaeological expedition discovered unique items made of leather, felt, and textile, which allowed researchers to restore the costume of a member of the nomadic elite, who lived 2,000 years ago. There was only one fully preserved item among all the steppe leader’s garments, and that was his leggings, i.e., nonstitched pants attached to a belt. The original cut and the exquisite embroidery of these pants could inspire a modern fashion-monger. You can read about this and other unique archeological ...

Modified: 02.11.2015
ancient people , Xiongnu , steppe , nomads , Mongolia , fashion , clothing , embroidery , Polosmak , reconstruction
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Why Do Steppes Need Artesians?

What is an artesian? This is a small bitter–salty lake formed by overflow of an abandoned artesian well. Such lakes are spread over withered lands of virgin steppes. Four-legged and winged representatives of the unique steppe fauna, many of them under threat of extinction, find water, food, and shelter in these modern steppe oases. Monitoring of this stunning piece of wildlife in the Stepnoi State Nature ...

Modified: 04.09.2015
steppe , wildlife protection , biodiversity , saiga , antelope , endangered species , artesian
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