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The Chukotka expedition of I. P. Tolmachoff: in search of the Northern Route

... maps” (Sedov, 1917, p. 3). The head of this team was G. Ya. Sedov, who had participated in the Arctic expeditions before, and his assistant was boatswain’s mate V. Zhukov. This small detachment was to encourage the resumption of the work of the Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition suspended six years before. By the beginning of 1909, the expedition vessels, called the Taimyr and the Vaigach , had nearly been constructed, though they failed to put out to sea at once because of some minor ...

Modified: 01.09.2016
Nothern Sea Route , I.P. Tolmachoff , B.A. Vilkitsky , the Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition , the Chukot Expedition 1909—1910 , North Siberia coast , Yakutia , Polar Сommission of the Academy of Sciences
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